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We stock Brass in the following forms:


Brass is an alloy metal that is made of copper and zinc, and the amount of copper and zinc in brass determines its properties. Brass has been used since prehistoric times and is still popular today for its bright gold-like appearance. Due to brass's unique properties and its versatility, is one of the most widely used alloys, used in seemingly endless industries automotive, aerospace, marine , naval, electrical, and plumbing sectors.


Brass is a desirable architectural alloy because of its inherent durability, corrosion resistance and aesthetic colouring. It has a variety of qualities, but all of them are robust, machinable, tough, conductive, and corrosion-resistant. Brass is one of the most extensively used alloys for decorative applications including commercial shop fittings, lights, furniture, fasteners, bathroom fixtures, locks, and electrical plugs and sockets.

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