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Policy Statement

We P&P Non-Ferrous Ltd. hereby confirm that in case of the product(s) named always observe the prescriptions of REACH (1907/2006/EC) regulation and the product(s) are fully compliant with the relevant regulation.


REACH compliance means that all substances contained in this product:


  • has/have been pre-registered and/or has/have been registered by our company and/or our suppliers, and/or

  • is/are excluded from the Regulation, and/or

Exempted from registration


Observance of the prescriptions are also demanded by us from our suppliers, and it is continuously checked.


The pertinence of the above mentioned information is continuously checked by us, if any changes or updates occur we will communicate information on SVHCs in products as per Article 33 and any new information to our customers immediately.


Michelle Pugh


Office Manager

P&P Non-Ferrous Ltd.

January 2024

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