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Polishing Centre

As well as offering an extensive stock range of non-ferrous metals to a wide range of markets, we also offer polishing services on a wide range of brass, copper and stainless steel - even polishing bronze and aluminium on the odd occasion!


Our machines can remove any defects and scratches from the metals, and create a smooth and shiny surface, all on a quick turnaround, and reducing our customer’s costs and lead times by offering finished product through our in-house processing.


If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest or interior design blogs recently, you’ll have heard people talking about the brushed brass trend. Here at Bornmore, we’re well-known for being the number one ‘best in brass’ metal service centre, particularly for the architectural metalwork industry where brass is mainly used for shop fittings, lighting, restaurant design and bar counters. And in 2024, we’re seeing a resurgence as interior designers show just how versatile this metal can be.

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