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All about the Brass

Interior design at the moment is all about the brass.


If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest or interior design blogs recently, you’ll have heard people talking about the brushed brass trend. Brushed brass was a staple of 80’s interior design, famed for its luxurious, warm and opulent appearance. All of these qualities make brass an ideal metal for decor, especially when it comes to commercial spaces such as bars and restaurants.


Here are some ways the brushed brass look is incorporated into interior design:


Bar and Tabletops: Implement brushed brass finishes for bar tops and tabletops. This can be achieved through the use of brushed brass laminates or metal cladding. The matte finish helps reduce glare and provides a stylish and inviting surface for patrons.


Bar Facades and Kickplates: Apply brushed brass finishes to the front of the bar counter, kickplates, and other visible surfaces. This adds a touch of luxury and draws attention to the bar area.


Furniture Frames: Choose furniture with frames or chair and stool legs in a brushed brass finish. This can include dining chairs, lounge seating, and other pieces to create a unified design theme throughout the space.


Lighting Fixtures: Integrate brushed brass lighting fixtures over the bar counter and dining areas. Pendant lights, chandeliers, or wall sconces with brushed brass finishes can enhance the ambiance and contribute to the overall design aesthetic.


Cabinet and Storage Hardware: Use brushed brass hardware on cabinets, drawers, and storage units in the bar and restaurant. This includes handles, pulls, and knobs, contributing to a unified and stylish design theme.


Accent Walls or Features: Consider incorporating brushed brass in accent walls, architectural features, or decorative panels. This can add a focal point to the space and create a memorable visual impact.


When implementing the brushed brass look in bars and restaurants, it's important to balance the use of materials and finishes to create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.


Here at P&P Non-Ferrous, we’re well-known for being a metal service centre specialising in brass, particularly for the architectural metalwork industry where brass is mainly used for shop fittings, lighting, restaurant design and bar counters. And in 2024, we’re seeing a resurgence as interior designers show just how versatile this metal can be.


Predominantly, we offer brass round, square and flat bar, tube, sheet, channel and box section, however if you need something a bit more specialist, just contact the team we will endeavour to source the required material from our trusted list of suppliers. Brass fittings are also included upon request.


Increase the durability of your projects by using P&P Non-Ferrous brass products. And why not take advantage of our in-house polishing service to get that brushed brass finish that is so in style at the moment, to give any project an exquisite touch while adding in durability you can trust - perfect for countless industries and applications.

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